www.italista.lt e-shop is based on the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, therefore it also implements the policy of returning goods. Purchased products can be returned to the company in the following cases:

  • If the product you received did not match the one you purchased in the e-shop.
  • If the size of the product does not suit you or did not like the appearance of the product, we suggest you change it (you will only have to pay for the delivery of another product).
  • In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, we provide the customer with the opportunity to return the purchased product – we give 14 (fourteen) days to implement the process, as indicated. The period shall begin to run from the moment when the consignment is delivered by courier or from the moment the consignment is picked up by the buyer.
  • Please be warned that the goods you wish to return must not be used, have not lost their original - commercial appearance, visual features (Unless the product is defective or defective). Packaging must also be intact, undamaged, undeformed. Note – The opened package is not identified as a violation if the purpose was to make sure that the item received corresponds to the description in the e-shop.
  • The cost of the return is paid by the customer.
  • When returning an item, you must specify the following information: order number, return item name and code, purchase date.
  • Our e-shop undertakes to reimburse the money within 7 – 10 business days upon receipt of the returned product.
  • For a customer who wants to replace the received product with another one, the terms of delivery of the product in the regulations of the e-shop are valid.
  • Return of goods can be done at: Lithuanians 205 Klaipeda Akropolis Opening hours: I-VII : 10:00-21:00